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Working it Out

Being back at work has cut into my time with my Sista Perfectionista. Funny how going to work eight hours a day does that; cuts into "life".  
We saw each other just before Christmas but in January, when I was finally back to full time hours, five days a week....our regular weekday visits evaporated.  For weeks, Sista sent e-mails filled with "I MISS YOU" and "I NEED to see you!".  
At first I echoed this need, she had been such an important part of my recovery, I didn't want to slip back into the isolated life I had been living before my crash.  I called her from work on my lunch.....we texted fequently.....and much like a treasured toy or blanket, reaching out and having someone grab your hand, kept me anchored as I spun and whirrled though work and moming and keeping sometime for myself.  
Slowly though, as things continued to change---work in a constant shuffle of personnel, Middle child moving in with us, the Spouse working so much he spent the few …

The Road Less Travelled

It's been a hard, long-ass winter.  There really is no sugar coating it.  Even people who like winter--who ski and snowboard and generally enjoy outdoor activities (me NOT being one of them) have complained about the cold...and the snow...and the slush...and the ice.
Daily, the news is peppered with accounts of multicar pile ups; even one clip of someone being thrown from their car in a slush inspired spin, captured by dash cam by the following car.  Buckle up people.
It's been something like 35 consecutive days at sub-zero temperatures...and the majority of it close to minus 30 Celsius with the wind chill...  Freeze your face off cold.
My three dogs will venture as far as the back deck to "do their business" which makes for a lovely view in the morning.  Dog poop, yellow snow and bird seed.  Ah what a thaw THAT will be.
But this morning...a quiet Sunday, the family all still asleep, I am mesmerized by another view out the window. 
The sun is shining somewhere, though I …