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The Road Less Travelled

It's been a hard, long-ass winter.  There really is no sugar coating it.  Even people who like winter--who ski and snowboard and generally enjoy outdoor activities (me NOT being one of them) have complained about the cold...and the snow...and the slush...and the ice.

Daily, the news is peppered with accounts of multicar pile ups; even one clip of someone being thrown from their car in a slush inspired spin, captured by dash cam by the following car.  Buckle up people.

It's been something like 35 consecutive days at sub-zero temperatures...and the majority of it close to minus 30 Celsius with the wind chill...  Freeze your face off cold.

My three dogs will venture as far as the back deck to "do their business" which makes for a lovely view in the morning.  Dog poop, yellow snow and bird seed.  Ah what a thaw THAT will be.

But this morning...a quiet Sunday, the family all still asleep, I am mesmerized by another view out the window. 

The sun is shining somewhere, though I can't see it out my west facing patio doors, and the sky is a light blue, smudged with white.  The filtered sun makes everything seem softer today and what has captured my attention is the snow.

Somehow, this wispy whiteness in the blue sky is making snow!

Large, fluffy, cotton candy flakes that slowly drift to cover up my doggy doo.  It's actually possible, to follow their lazy descent all the way to the ground once you focus on one. It's a bit hypnotizing and watching them tumble down feels a bit like a message today.
1. Relax --you will get there in your own unique way, in your own unique time.
2. Forces of nature cannot be denied - try to find the beauty in any situation.  Why would you want to fuel a sense of dissatisfaction, misery and anger at something that is supposed to be happening in your life right now.
3. It is the little things that matter.  One snowflake at a time, one step at a time, things can change and what once looked like crap (literally) can be transformed. 
4. On the flip side of #3....just because you layer something pretty on top of something ugly doesn't mean it is not there.  You are going to have to face it sooner or later.  Deal with it or it is going to be a stinky mess if you let it sit..and it will just get bigger and take more time to fix.
5. What is going on outside can help on the inside.  Taking the time to find something to appreciate every, single, day---finding beauty in the ugly---peace in a long haul journey--- ignites your heart and soul. 
When you look for the good, you can find it.  The more you look, the more you will find.
I think the problem lies in forgetting what joy looks like.  So even when it is
right in front of us....the path to peace and happiness, we don't even see it --overgrown with weeds--it is practically invisible.
Ah, but the well travelled road of misery, complaining, fear and anger stands out because it is so frequently used.
Taking the overgrown path is hard at first.  But the more you do it, the clearer the path will be and the easier it will be to walk.  For today, reject the negative path and take the road less travelled.
I'll be there too. 


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