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How to Make Desire Work for You

Desire.  When I see the word desire I can't help but hear it in a breathy voice in my head, usually accompanied by a vision of two half naked people rolling around in the sand, a silken scarf carefully entwined over their body....a giant bottle of perfume fading in over the sunset.
It's that  or  I see the cover of a romance paperback, prefaced by "The Italian Prince's..." or "The Hightlander's Dark..." or "His Mistress' Secret..." (insert appropriate flowy haired, hard bodied, lovelies image under said title).
This explains perhaps why I have been struggling to keep up with the first week of the new Deepak/Oprah 21 Day Meditation Challenge.  The first few sessions focus on desire, (seriously, all breathy right?) as part of the Energy of Attraction.  After all, I have my five for 2014 (Feel, Brave, Trust, Flow and Receive) --and I was doubtful I had room for desire.
I have written about the power of words and clearly this one carries a lo…

Return to Work (in Progress Part Three of a Trilogy)

Today I am not at work.  Instead, I am catching up on missed television episodes, folding laundry, knitting, writing and resting.  In the hopscotch of fall colds, everyone in my house has toppled--except me.  I remain one hop ahead and a day on the couch helps me keep my balance. Tomorrow, it will be one month since I returned to work after an almost two year absence.  So far, the hardest part has been deciding what to wear.  I would like to blame it on the fact that the past two years my choices were limited to a variety of shades of stretchy pants and I am out of practice, but it has always been this way. 
Three days a week--soon to be back to five--I put on something professional looking and venture out into the "big world", drive 15 minutes to my new location of work, wave hello to colleagues, grab a coffee and press the button that brings my computer to life. It is hard to describe the feeling of being there.  I am there, and yet I am not, as I feel slightly out of time …