Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Today a book comes out that my soul has been waiting for.  It is my beloved Brené Brown and Rising Strong.

Her words were the first that found me, feeling worthless and broken, full of shame and fear ---fragile at best.  I never read any sort of non-fiction---much less "self-help"....and my experience in the adult day treatment program, while illustrating how much we all had in common, also showeed how unique we were.  How could anyone possibly know who hadn't been there?

But Brené Brown was there.  She was right there beside me whispering softly in my ear, "I know you....I know you because I have talked to thousands of people and at the end of that, thousands more....and at the end of that....I had my own breakdown and got my own therapist and then pledged myself to help people who are like us...who are good people....who feel lost...and only need to know that they are enough, just the way they are."

I picked up a book she wrote called "The Gifts of Imperfection".  Less than 100 pages struggled for months to see and hear and feel the hard words on the pages.  I highlighted and read and reread as slowly, my mind came back to me in a way that was useful.

Being back to work, in the environment that contributed to my dark spiral, I am sensitive to the daily struggles of juggling three boys, eating well, a stressful job and watching important things get lost, like morning meditation time, the gym.  I need Brené's voice again.  I need to know that I am "Rising Strong" among the myriad of so-not-important things that kick you in the shins on a daily basis telling you you are not enough---you can be more---just get your sh*t together would ya!

I will start it here. And I will share. Because I need the time to read, to see, to feel to reread and to reflect on her words.  

Thank you Brené......thank you for being you and sharing you...because when you do....we all hear a common story and we then know, we are not alone.  And we are enough.

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