Friday, 3 April 2015

Time to Update my Age on my Profile Again....

I am now 48.  I don't know how it happened, but it did.

And I slipped along through this one ...only Youngest remembered when I woke up.  He slipped his arms around me, looked up and whispered "Happy Birthday Mother McMummy".    Everyone else remembered some time later...sheepish recoveries...grand promises and guilt presents awaited.  Oh goody.

So I will have to update my description on this blog.  No longer a 46 year old.....which was me when I started this, I am much closer to the big 5-0 now.  

At work, I arrived to a manilla envelope on my computer keyboard. I smiled.  The card.

Cards were constantly circulating for birthdays, retirements, new babies, promotions.

I opened it up and out slid a card paper clipped to an envelope.  For "F"'s birthday next week...said the note.  I signed it.

No one at work knew. 

Wow.  This was great.

I e-mailed my lunch date S.  We had a meeting but were getting together first for a bite.  I treated last time we met, which coincidentally was the day before her birthday, so this was going to be on her. 

"Oh hey, I forgot we were meeting for lunch. I have a meeting until one but will see you at our other meeting at two with the CCS Team."

L had invited me for a special birthday lunch but because I was seeing S for lunch I told her no.  Now I had no lunch date.

Awesome day.

Oldest called and we talked a while while I was at work. School was hard, things weren't going as well, he dropped another course.  He wished me happy birthday. I told him I loved him.

I rolled into my 2 o'clock meeting tired and ready to call it a day. 

However, I am glad I didn't.  The meeting was loud and animated and included coffee and treats supplied by the team in honor of my birthday.

Getting older----it's a Work in Progress.

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