Friday, 17 April 2015

Glennon's Gift

Yesterday I read a blog post, and I cried.  The way Glennon writes, you feel like you are there with her, inside her head, feeling what she feels and seeing the world through her perfectly imperfect, brutiful eyes.  

When I first started reading Momastery, Glennon's blog, where she casts her wide net of love and reality and acceptance and vulnerability, I remember thinking:

“Well look at her all beautiful and successful and a gorgeous family and living the life.  Must be nice to just write and talk and not have to ‘work’---she has it so easy.”
I am glad those are just words, as hurtful as they are, because if they were something else--something physical and real--I would have to eat them and I don’t think that would be much fun. 

 As it is, I choke on the thought that they ever rattled around in my head in the first place.  
Glennon’s story is here...and I know you will take the time to see her, and feel her, like I did not.
So back to the blog post.  

It was about how she went to the Dominican Republic and met this wonderful young women, all part of an organization called Caminante --run by "the MessMaker, holy rascal, badass Sister: Denisse Pichardo."
You need to read the story.  It is not something I can tell you about, you need to feeeeeel it.  There are good words to tell this story --it is just that Glennon used them all.  It is her story..I just want to share it.

I was struck first by how we--and by we I mean people in general-- are more connected now than ever before...and yet we are so disconnected….but how we ARE CONNECTED.  And since connection is my 2015 guiding light--it made me both sad and happy.
Maybe it is just me….where I am...on the life journey…my own personal road less travelled.  It's all new stuff out here. 

And like when you discover something, that you feel, that is like an ah-ha moment you want to share it.

"Look here! Look what I found!  It's amazing---come and share!  Come and talk!  Come and connect with me and her and us and everyone so that we can stop being so mean to each other and see each other through eyes of kindness and understanding and love!  Wouldn't that be so much better??"

I AM OUT ON MY ROAD---come and join me!

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