Sunday, 21 December 2014

Navigating a New Year Plus One

It is Sunday morning and my house is full of boys.  They are all sleeping.  46,19,15,10.....

Soon it will be a noisy kitchen when they all get up and  the dozen eggs, package of sausage, a loaf of bread, waffles and all the bananas are one in one fell swoop.  I will continue to be challenged with altering my shopping habits for when everyone is home!

Two of my three fur babies are curled up on the couch beside in her bed nearby snuggled with a teddy.  I am the only one awake and am enjoying the peace while it lasts,

The Middle One will be joining us in January.  Five months shy of his 16th birthday, he has decided to move it with us.  And things will change again, as they always do.  More hands, more help, more food, more work for all of us as we define the boundaries of daily living that are not present on weekend visits or summer holidays.  

A good thing?  A bad thing?  It just is, and how we navigate the newness will give us good days and bad---just like with everyone else in any family.  
I have wonderful plans for 2015.  And like last year, January will be my dreaming month.  

Last year, January gave me:  Feel, Brave, Trust, Flow, Receive.  These were the themes that spoke to me ---some appearing during reading, meditation, watching TV, and they served me well.  

Returning to work after my "collapse" in late 2012  brought them all together in one act, and my understanding that there is no "done" "fixed" "now I can go back to living blindly and on automatic pilot" is firmly in place.  I no longer hear the tick-tock-hurry-up-and-fix-it clock.

I am, and always will be:

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