Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Sign of Spring

Like most people with kids---I have done "the McDonald's thing".  Something about the uniform taste of the chicken nuggets ---fries---the toy---oh yeah THE TOY--that appeals to kids.  

The end of a long day of work or errands --and it is too easy to give in to the drive-thru.  After eating...all of the "dishes" go into recycling...except the toy which vanishes into the pit of the toy box...usually never to be seen or referred to again.  (Even though when the toy was missing from the bag, I went BACK through the long drive-thru line to assuage the flow of tears coming from the back seat. Sigh)

About four years ago, my youngest had just finished his "Happy Meal"---when he suddenly began to look a little green. He ran upstairs and got to "enjoy" his meal again in reverse order.  That was the end of McDonalds in our house.

So for me, there is one reason and one reason ONLY to go to McDonalds now.  SHAMROCK SHAKE.  While the nutritional information is not listed, probably because it is a seasonal shake, I am not sure there could be any number on it that would make me NOT want to have my ONE shake per year!

For some people ---Roll up the Rim at Tim Hortons is the first sign of spring.  For me ---it is the green of the Shamrock Shake!

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