Monday, 31 March 2014

The Power of 18 Minutes

This is one of my favorite meditations.  It was not love at first listen though.  I had to get past the fact that the voice sounds like it could be in a parody film....or a mentalist show...or may be about to ask me to cluck like a chicken...

Everyone will connect with something different, but during my trip to Jamaica in January, I mindfully sat on a lounger under a palm tree, where I could see the ocean waves, at sunrise and used every cell of my being to connect with the energy around me;  to absorb it, memorize it, feel it in every part of who I was.  The salty, light breeze, the heat coming off the warmed towels, the colors of the sky, the crash of the waves--I became part of it and we moved together.  

So when I got home, I went to YouTube to find something that I could use to try to tickle my memories and coax out the pure indulgence of the experience; being lost in the energy of the space around you.

Most everyone I talk to acknowledges the need to find time for themselves to refuel and reset; to download and unwind, to reconnect and find a moment to be; but it is so easy to just get caught up in work and the laundry list of the day.  

Eighteen minutes.  This only takes 18 minutes and there are so many meditations out there that are shorter---longer--with forest sounds, or babbling brooks....whatever works for you.  

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