Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Amy Ahlers - Turning You Inner Mean Girl into Your Inner Superhero

I am sure, in the last 100 or so posts, I wrote about how I was "awakening" to all the things around me in this life, and how I wondered if they had been there all the time but I never noticed them.  

I thought when I started writing that I was the only one going through this mid-life awakening.  I thought I was the only one who was suddenly trying to look at the world through eyes that were learning to be compassionate and loving toward myself and others.  

Wow was I wrong.  Like a flower, slowly opening to meet the sun, I strive to absorb the wisdom and guidance of some amazingly brave, warm, daring, bright-light women, who honor their true purpose in life by reaching out and saying:

I see you.
I know you.
I have been you.
You are enough.
You are worth it.
You matter.
Be brave
Be strong.
Carry on.

They inspire me every day; keep me steady; take me out of my comfort zone in loving arms, and bring me back to myself; to a more meaningful, purposeful, wholehearted life.

I have signed up to watch a presentation by Amy Ahlers---one of those guiding lights.  Here is a brief clip from her website where she helps you dig into the dark places and brings you back to the light.

Check out this video of Amy leading a LIVE Inner Mean Girl Transformation….

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