Friday, 16 August 2013

Celebrate - Gratitude in Practise

I am going to celebrate a few things today:

My morning glories are monstrous--taking over everything and the power of a single seed still astounds me!  Such strength and beauty from something that looks small and insignificant.  My deck and gazebo are a riot of blooms and soon-to-be tomatoes. 

I saw my sista perfectionista yesterday who is always grounding and inspiring at the same time.  It had been awhile.  I felt awesome during and after!

I have been doing the 21 day meditation challenge! I am a few days behind but am continuing to look for ways to get in touch with who I am.

I have posted 61 blog posts (62 after I finish this one!)!  That is incredible to me!  I wasn't sure if this was for me....writing, thinking, sharing.  But the words became important and the process became important and it has been therapy. 

It is a blue sky day and after readjusting my meds a bit (went off something that I thought really had no impact .... only to figure maybe it does) my red river of pain days seem to be much more under control!  Pain free is peaceful.

After an hour or so long interview with a psychiatrist I am familiar with from the hospital, I have been accepted into a new Mood and Anxiety Group (MAG) for 8 weeks starting in the fall.  Two days a week 2-5.  It is a small, closed group where people are encouraged to socialize outside the group and form a support network for themselves during and after the program.  There are handouts and homework.  I love the structure.  I will be in school again along with my kids.  I love school. This is a wonderful thing for me!

I celebrate with gratitude, all these things.....


  1. YOU created this beauty and success..YOU succeeded and YOU are wonderful. Just remember that...


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