Friday, 5 July 2013

The Summer of my Disconnect

Lately we have been having some trouble with our Internet.  The connection is there, then gone, then there, then gone and  my frustration is on the rise.  Usually, mornings are problem free, but today, trying to get quick updates and even comment on posts has sent me to rest my connection more times than I can count. Right now I am sitting at the top of my stairs---trying to get closer to the router for my pjs...breakfast cooking behind me unattended....ACK!!

So today I will take that as a sign to take a day off.  I am pretty sure I said,  "Just a couple more minutes", "let me just check to see if I have any texts on my phone honey", "Hang on while I finish this sentence", "I just have one more thing to read...I'll be right there."

I found myself frustrated and snippy that I couldn't just get lost out here whenever I felt like it all day.   My brain felt foggy and I felt completely disconnected from my family--thoughts of what I read or what I wanted to write consuming my thoughts as I used autopilot to complete housework and meals. 

So today, I am going to close this.  Sure I need my time, but with the Internet issues I will only continue to be frustrated and wander back to the computer all day connecting, reconnecting, trying to check in with the virtual world.

Today I will stay in the real world.  With my real kids and real dogs and real laundry (ugh) and a real trip to the grocery store! LOL 
My step son Noah (his), Jake (ours), Alex (mine) 

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