Saturday, 6 July 2013

Steve Wiens on Courage

Often, in the adult day treatment program, we were reminded we were courageous for being there.  It was a choice after all.  We were recommended for the program, but by no means obliged to attend.  It was our choice to come each day, listen, explore, reflect, learn, cry, share and often by the end of the day go home numb or exhausted or exhilarated depending on how deep we had had to dig that day.  We were reminded that 2 in 5 Canadians suffer from some sort of mental illness and we were courageously facing ours, trying to learn how to cope.

I never thought about it being courageous.  I thought about it as cowardly. I thought I was hiding away from the real world.

Today I read an amazing post by Steve Wiens - The Actual Pastor - who I refer to on here quite often.  He is one of my favorite "real" people just trying to figure it out as he goes.

He admits this is a repost --from his archive--for a friend who will need some courage in the near future.  For me, it is a reminder of all the courageous things I have done and as I face some tough decisions in the future---what I will need to get through it all. 

I cannot say it better than he can.  What courageous things have you done?  What do you need to tap into courage to decide to do?

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