Saturday, 15 June 2013

Waking Up Happy--What's With That?

Today I woke up happy.  My laptop is positioned in the dining room on our 3 foot by 3 foot dining room table and I was looking forward to coming down here to write.  Odd thing was I really didn't have something in mind to write about. 

I have to go to the doctor for some fasting blood work today so maybe skipping my coffee is throwing me off.  But I don't think so. 

My son always woke up happy---always. 
My son has a baseball game at 11 in a park I have never been to and normally that should be sending waves of panic running through my veins in the thought of trying to find the park and getting lost (like last night when the GPS led me to a sign for the park but no entrance!!!) 

But today it doesn't.

I know the lawn needs to be mowed, my stepson didn't anything for his dad and neither did I yet and Father's Day is tomorrow---again--there would normally some panic. 

But today there isn't.

The sky is blue, the sun is up and instead, today feels like a day of things that will happen--all in time---in the day---with more baseball tomorrow.  And all will be as it should be. 

Unusual feeling for me.

But I'll take it.

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